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DOSE Tips and tricks: alternatives for daily used chemicals

Have you ever considered substituting your household and cosmetic products for a more natural and environmentally friendly alternative? A sustainable option not only for the planet, but also for your own health. For the most part, commercial products contain unpronounceable ingredients, each one more harmful than the next. So why not replace them with items that ensure a healthier environment, items that we usually already have at hand in our kitchen? We are talking about lemon, honey, mint, vinegar, grapefruit, and more. Dose has compiled a list of ingredients that can easily replace the chemicals we too often use in our homes and on our skin.


Citrus fruits are powerful cleansers. For example, to clean the bath or the sink, you can add a pinch of salt over a piece of grapefruit and rub it on the surface while squeezing it firmly. In addition, lemon juice can serve as an alternative to traditional polluting window cleaners. Simply add the juice of half a lemon to approximately 2 cups of water.


During peak season, mosquitoes can become a real ordeal for some people. Not only do chemical repellents stink, but they also cause substantial damage to the environment. The solution? An orange, it’s that easy! Just rub some orange peel over your skin.

Coconut oil

Lately, coconut oil is right on trend, and there are good reasons for it. Aside from being a very effective body moisturizer, this oil can restore dry or limp hair. To recover this natural radiance, use from 1 to 5 tablespoons of coconut oil, depending on the length and thickness of the hair. Apply it from roots to ends, leave in for 1 to 2 hours, rinse and wash your hair as usual.


Another frequent problem during summer: sunburns. When we just don’t know most of the ingredients on the packaging, we are likely to be concerned with what we apply on our skin. Cucumber is your best ally in case of painful redness. Simply put some cucumber slices over the sensitive area. The freshness of the vegetable will instantly soothe the skin.


– Cinnamon too often ends up at the back of the pantry waiting for the next recipe. Have you ever thought about using it as a mouthwash? Obviously, you and the people around you must like the taste and the smell of this spice. If so, boil some cinnamon for 5 to 10 minutes, then filter the water before using it to rinse your mouth as you normally do.

In short, by choosing natural alternatives instead of daily used chemicals – often over-packaged–, we can certainly reduce our ecological footprint. And since these natural items already sit in our pantries, we can save a lot of money!

Please visit this page for more ideas on how to substitute the chemicals in your beauty rituals and your household tasks. The very well explained demos will make you smile for sure.

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