Feeling tired even though you’ve slept a full 7 hours night? That makes you less productive and less motivated at work? Not good, eh? Plus, being less motivated and more tired make you lose concentration… Well, that makes things even worse!

But still, you keep drinking coffee everyday because you think it’s the only option for these crashes but you know it’s bad for your health when you abuse it and makes your teeth turn yellow. Ew! Well, we have good news for you: fruits & vegetables juices will help you resolve this annoying situation. It’s true! Many people start their day by drinking fresh cold-pressed juices instead of the banal and addictive cafeine beverages. And we have other good news for you: we’re offering you a 2 Weeks Challenge Pack at a special price just so you can enjoy the juices benefits for 14 days and see how good organic and fresh juices make you feel by simply having a fresh DOSE every morning to start your day!

What’s the secret of this magic 2 Weeks Juices Pack?


Easy :

  • Each juice contains 2 to 3 portions of fruits & veggies.
  • Each juice is a little bottle of 300ml easy to add in your lunchbox and that doesn’t take much place in the fridge!
  • The pack contains 14 juices;
  • The pack is 78$ instead of 98$.
  • So it’s up to 42 fruits and veggies (many nutrients, vitamins and enzymes) in 14 tiny bottles. It’s a lot of things that boost your immune system, contribute to your heart’s health and energize your body and your brain.
  • It then makes you spend less time in bed and more time on what really counts: family, work… life actually!

So, if you want to stop the fatigue, the procrastinating and start working more effectively, try DOSE’s 2 Weeks Challenge !

Please note that the pack is available for a limited time only, as well as its gentle price of 78$. So don’t procrastinate for this either and shop here.😉

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