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How To Do A Juice Cleanse Properly

Having a healthy lifestyle is becoming not only a trend (a rather beneficial one), but a necessity as well.

Juice cleanse is a detoxifying process that is characterized by drinking fruit and vegetable juices during a certain amount of time (that can go from several days to several weeks). It is beneficial for the entire body, most particularly the immune and digestive system, as it gives it a rest and removes toxins, as well as for the skin and even the mood.

But one does not simply jump in the Juice Cleanse world without being prepared.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to do a cleanse and really enjoy its effects 😊


4 Easy Christmas Cocktails / Mocktails For All Tastes

Looking for cocktails that are truly delicious AND easy to make?

If you want to impress your friends and colleagues with alcohol free cocktails, read this article!
(We’ve indicated how to make them alcoholic for those of you who prefer them that way. And all these drinks are good WITH OR WITHOUT alcohol!)


The Best Hostess/Host Gifts for Christmas

Holidays mean: happenings, fun times with all the family and friends and food excess… No wonder why it’s my favorite time of the year 😉

But you know each year, I almost forget to buy the gift that is, in my opinion, the most important: the hostess/host gift!

Receiving all the family, friends, colleagues, etc. – it takes a lot of time, thinking and money.
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5 Easy Recipes to Make your Kids LOVE Broccoli!

We asked our followers what was the healthy food their kids hate the most… and the answer didn’t surprise us that much: BROCCOLI



What can you do to make your kids eat more broccoli?

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4 reasons to consume turmeric

Turmeric, also known as saffron of the Indies, has been a valued super-food in India and China for ages now, due to its several medicinal virtues.  It was traditionally used as a food additive to treat digestive disorders, to relieve skin or inflammatory diseases and to regulate menstrual disorders. Additionally because of its culinary flavor, it serves as an ally on many other levels, especially as a food preservative, as a natural dye due to curcumin (the pigment which gives it its yellow color), and as a cosmetic tool for its beneficial effect on the skin. In India, turmeric is a spice consumed daily in local cuisine, it composes Indian curry!

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5 tips to eat more vegan

Veganism is one of the most popular trends of the last 5 years, if not the most popular of all! People choose to adopt this new lifestyle for the sake of the environment, their own health or because of the poor treatment of animals. Though this trend is quite appealing, it’s overwhelming and stressful for some, which discourages them from trying. But stop worrying, we’ve all been there!


We asked our friend Caroline Huard (Loounie), a generous and creative vegan woman, to give us her best advice on how to begin eating vegan if we don’t know where to start.


Here they are: the 5 tips to help you eat more vegan!

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Time to find your juicer and treat yourself with something fresh and full of vitamins!

If you’re passionate and patient, you’ll love to create your own juices. However, we made a list of the most common mistakes to avoid when you’ll juice your own nectars.

1. Not washing your fruits and veggies

Yum! germs and pesticides in your juice… We don’t want that. To prevent that, the rule is simple: thoroughly wash the fruits and veggies! Choose fresh, organic, local and seasonal products that you love. This way, you also help an agriculture that is more environmentally friendly. If you don’t use organic, peel the fruits and veggies to significantly reduce the amount of pesticides. The best would be to harvest your own fruits and veggies but that’s less simple… 😉

2. Using only fruits, no veggies 

Fruits are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants but also in sugar. In your juice, you should respect a 60% veggies – 40% fruits rate so it tastes fruity but has a reasonable quantity of sugar. If you choose green veggies, it’s even better! Our favorites: spinach and kale which are rich in chlorophyl, calcium and iron. Add superfoods and voila! Enjoy.

3. Waiting too long before drinking your juice 

Vitamins change with light and heat. You must drink your juice as soon as it’s ready if you want to enjoy all its benefits. If you don’t have much time, you can keep it in an airtight container for 24 to 48 hours, refrigerated. It will remain good, but will lose some of its nutrients.

4. Drinking it too quickly

Drinking slowly helps digestion and therefore facilitate the absorption of the juice’s nutrients. You’ll also feel better! Take the time to really enjoy this healthy made-with-love beverage ❤️

5. Drinking your juice with a meal

It’s better to consume your juice when your stomach is empty so your system really focuses on the absorption of the good nutrients. Best times to drink it: in the morning before breakfast or between two meals when your energy levels are low!

Ready, set, juice!

By Alice Doumengine
Photo : RawPixel on Unsplash

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10 foods you’ve been eating wrong your whole life

Do you cut your watermelons in triangle shape? Do you peel your kiwis before eating them? And the peas, do you pick each one of them with a fork?

Time to change!!! Time to make your life easier.

Instead of cutting it into triangles and having juice running down each side of your mouth, you can cut your watermelon in half and then cut lengthwise and crosswise to obtain kind of watermelon sticks. Easier and cleaner to eat!

Cut it in half leaving the core behind. Grab a good mug and place the mango, between the fruit and the skin, against the mug and push it down. The fruit will fall into the glass and the peel will be gone gone gone.

Did you know that the most nutritious part of it is its skin? To get all these nutrients, slice your kiwis in thin layers and eat it like chips.

Picking each pea with a fork makes it hard to eat… An easy way to eat peas is to simply mash them with a fork instead!

Instinctively, we try to peal it from the top but did you know that chimps and monkeys actually peal it from the bottom? And these animals are kind of the experts it comes to bananas, right? So peal your banana from the bottom by pinching the tip and it will easily split!

Once you remove the stem of an apple, e-ve-ry-thing can be eaten from the fruit! No more waste.

Salads make excellent lunches. But when you already mix everything the texture can become unappetizing. To change that: use a Mason jar, put the dressing in the bottom, add crunchy veggies, nuts and fruits. Then add the leaves. The veggies and other stuff between the dressing and the leaves will prevent the leaves from becoming wet!

So you like hard shell tacos? We get it. Isn’t that annoying though when the shell cracks after your first bite and everything falls apart? The solution is simple: put some lettuce around the shell. It will protect it and create a double-layer to save all this amazing stuff you added in the shell.

Peeling an orange is quite a job and your fingers become all nasty. Instead, cut each edge of the fruit and make a slice from bottom to top. Then, roll it to open it!

What a classic! However keeping everything together can be hard. To help: place a generous amount of PB on the edges of the slices. Then add a generous amount of jelly in the middle. Finally, press the breads together.

Eat simple folks, there’s too much complicated stuff in life!😌


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I think this Summer is one of the hottest summers I’ve ever lived; I keep looking for places with AC, for pools and for ice cream stands.

So, when I received my weekly pack full of juices in my apartment that doesn’t have air conditioner (😭please send help), I immediately thought of transforming them into popsicles.

The result was so refreshing and delicious that I decided to share this easy peasy recipe with you.

Here it goes!

You need:
– a popsicle mold
– your favorite Dose juices (I chose Melon, Taxi and Zest)
– fruits (I chose blackberries, but you can choose anything)


– fill half of each mold with your juices
– freeze for an hour
– fill the rest of the molds with the rest of the juices
(make sure each popsicle is made with two different juices – it’s so pretty!)
– add fruits on the top
– freeze for about two hours
– enjoy ❤

Simple like that!




Okay, it’s not because Winter is here that we cannot enjoy a fresh Summer cocktail during the Holidays, right? So let’s pretend we’re celebrating Christmas under the sun, feet in the sand, with a fresh ocean breeze in our hair.🌴🌊

Here’s a pimped version of this classic minted drink that you and your children will love! (Of course, you could add some rhum to this recipe… but keep it away from the kids!😉)

– 1.5L of our TAXI juice (5 bottles of 300ml)
– 2.5L of sparkling water
– 250ml of lime juice
– A handful of fresh mint, chopped
– 3 limes, sliced
– 1 cup of pineapple pieces
– 2 cups of ice cubes

In a large punch bowl or pichet, combine everything and stir well. Serve.
Tadaaam! Easy Peasy with TAXI!


Find TAXI > in our mixologist pack
or > in our custom packs

Cove picture: Sanah Suvarna