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Nowadays, when everything seems to be going super fast and when time seems to be a scarce resource, people often allow themselves to sleep less or simply neglect their sleep altogether… This can lead to many problems. Of course, when that happens, people may feel different during the day: feeling less effective at work and having difficulty to focus. However, some studies showed that a lack of sleep could also affect how other people around us see us.

In fact, participants who took part in a study by having not slept enough were qualified as looking less healthy and less attractive than when they had had enough sleep. Another study also demonstrated that people who hadn’t slept enough were perceived as having puffy eyelids, lighter skin, red eyes, more wrinkles and fine lines around their mouths, and simply looking sadder in general. This study even concludes by saying that a person’s eyes and mouth are key communication elements and that, when altered, could have an impact on their social sphere as a whole.

So, here are a few tips to improve your sleep quality (for your health as well as for your looks!):



Stay away from caffeine after 3PM

This includes teas, matchas, coffees and any other stimulant products that can keep you awake.


Bedroom: for sleep and sex only

Your bedroom shouldn’t be the place for anything else except these two activities as to not disrupt your sleep.


Calm atmosphere

Room’s temperature should be cool, not cold, and the decor should be peaceful. Also, you should choose sheets that are not too warm.


Avoid alcohol

Maybe you fall asleep more quickly when you take a glass or two, but your sleep cycles are disrupted.


Don’t nap for more than one hour, and do it before 3 PM


Get up if you can’t fall asleep!

If you’ve been in bed for 30 minutes and are still not sleeping, get up, get out of the bedroom and do something that doesn’t involve a screen (reading or writing for instance). Come back to bed only when you feel like you will easily fall asleep.

To your pillows! Go!


Priscillia Vaillancourt, candidate au doctorat en psychologie

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