6 million bees + 3 billion flowers = 10 000 tons of cranberries
Yep! you read that right: to produce 10 000 tons of organic cranberries each year, the 3 billion flowers in Patience Fruit & Co’s fields need to be pollinated by 6 million bees.

Impressing, right?

Patience Fruit & Co’s producer, Fruit d’Or, was actually the first company to cultivate organic cranberries for a commercial purpose.

However, this business native of Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, located in Centre-du-Québec, has been through a lot since its creation in 2000… At that time, cranberry cultivation was only a retirement project for the Le Moine family and 3 other families of the region!

Today, almost 20 years later, let’s say that these entrepreneurs have a fruitful pension.😉

That’s why, in 2015, seeing all Fruit d’Or’ success, they decided to launch Patience Fruit & Co for the retail sector so all the population can have access to their delicious organic fruits.

Therefore, since two years, everyone is delighted by the company’s products that are now available online and in many retailers.


Why chose “Patience” as their name?
Well, because you need a lot of time and patience to harvest tasty organic cranberries which are cultivated without any pesticide nor fertilizer that chemically speed the process. This even makes more sense when you realize it takes 3 years before a cranberry field produce its first fruits!

Cranberries, they grow in water?
No; it’s a false belief! Cranberries fields are actually flooded when the fruits are ready to be picked so the fruit can detach from its stalk more easily.

At Patience Fruit & Co, they utilize a « closed circuit » watering system, which means that rainwater and snowmelt are collected in tanks to be used to flood the fields when it’s harvest time, from mid-September to the end of October.

So Patience Fruit & Co is both organic and ecological!

But if cultivating organic cranberry requires a lot of time and patience, discovering that we love what Patience Fruit & Co has to offer only take a sip or a bite!

We really hope it will grow continuously, patiently and always deliciously.

*Discover the detailed story of the brand: here.

**Since more than a year now, we’re happy and proud to use this local company’s fruits in our OXY-3 juice (available here!).

***We want to thank Michèle Poulin, Industrial Marketing Director, and Mélanie Pilote, Communication and Social Medias Coordinator, for their generosity.❤️

Pictures: © Patience Fruit & Co

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