Montreal really knows how to please foodies and, good news, the number of tasty vegan/vegetarian places is continuously increasing! #YEAH

I asked our vegan friend Caroline Huard (@loounie on Instagram), who is also a health practitioner and well-known by the vegan community of Montreal, to list her favorite vegan/vegetarian spots in the city when she wants to drink a coffee, eat well and treat herself!

Without further ado, here there are!


Café dei Campi


This Italian-style coffeeshop is located in Rosemont and is known for its tasty vegan desserts (hello cannolis!!!) and for its pizzettes. Their delicious pastries could easily fool many of your non-vegan friends. The devoted and friendly employees will also make you want to come back for sure! In fact, the majority of Café dei Campi’s crowd is composed of loyal clients for whom the place is a vegan must.  (PS: your non-vegans friends can also ask for cow milk!)
1360 Rosemont Blvd, Montreal

Leaves House


Located downtown Montreal, this cute coffeeshop brings some natural freshness to the grey and urban environment where it is located. This plant-based espresso bar stands out for the many plants, succulents and cacti, that can be purchased on place as other little cruelty-free products. Other important thing: the baristas use macadamia milk (mamamiaaa!!) in their coffees. Nice place for the eyes and for your belly!
2051 De la Montagne Street, Montreal

Esquina Bar à Café


“Esquina”, that means “corner” in Spanish, is aptly named as it is the “corner” coffeeshop for many people living in the neighborhood. Here, everything you’ll eat is homemade: cookies, muffins, poptarts (whaaat?), and even the almond milk! The place’s lattes are also always magnificently done. Lovely place!
4526 Papineau Ave, Montreal

LUNCH TIME (or where to go when you don’t have much time!)

Aux Vivres


Completely vegan, meals at Aux Vivres are flavorful and will please vegans AND non-vegans! The restaurant is on St-Laurent boulevard but you can find its products in many grocery stores. Having a dragon bowl, made with tempeh or grilled tofu, is a true classic but there are plenty of other options: sandwiches, salads, hot meals and desserts. It’s also a great place to go if you are allergic/intolerant to gluten, soy or nuts!
4631 St-Laurent Blvd, Montreal

La Panthère Verte


Many foodies will tell you that La Panthère Verte sells the best falafels of Montreal! These fried chickpeas balls are served in a pita bread to create a generous and yummy sandwich. Another positive aspect: the responsible restaurant tries to reduce its environmental footprint; deliveries are made by bike during Summer, most of the jars are made in glass, there are compost trashes, etc. And, on top of that, everything is organic!
160 Saint Viateur E Street, Montreal (and 5 others)

Gusta (comptoir)


Since last Spring, Gusta has its kiosk in Jean-Talon market where vegans and vegetarians can happily enjoy their exclusive products. Because, you know, even vegans can crave for some junk food sometimes! The restaurant’s food is really simple but knows how to please us: hot-dogs, burgers, poutines, kebabs. Everything is vegan, natural and local. Ya-Hoo!
191 Marché-du-Nord Place, Montreal

TREAT YOUR BELLY AND YOUR EYES! (with friends, family or your lover)



If you’re a vegan or vegetarian or are following bloggers on Instagram, you might have already seen pictures of this leafy Old-Port restaurant. What we love about this place is that, of course it’s beautiful, but the cuisine is original, for all tastes and made from seasonal, organic and local products. You could also go for a 5a7 and sip a refreshing cocktail (they have 6 signature ones). This restaurant proves that vegans can eat so much more than green salads when they want to eat something healthy!
1232 De la Montagne Street, Montreal (and one other!)

Venice MTL


This restaurant isn’t vegan, but there are many options that are clearly identified on the menu. Inspired by the Californian community of Venice, the plates and the sunny decor will make you feel like you’re on a vacation. Full of poke bowls, tacos, salads and smoothies, the menu is varied and colorful. Venice MTL really knows how to mix flavors, freshness and healthy foods.
440 Saint-François-Xavier Street, Montreal (and one other!)

Sushi Momo


Vegan sushis? Yes dears! No seafood nor fish is used in Sushi Momo’s meals. The only animal imitation is a “shrimp” made from soy and seaweed. Of course, the sushis are different from the classic Japanese sushis but you will be gladly surprised by their original compositions and seasoning mixes. Vegans and vegetarians who were missing sushis will finally be satisfied, yeah!
4669 Saint-Denis Street, Montreal

FROZEN SWEETNESS (open all year long!)

Hoche Glacé


Owners of Hoche Café have recently launched Hoche Glacé: a 100% vegan and lactose-free ice cream shop. Perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth! And all the ice cream lovers will be happy: soy or rice milk swirls, sundaes, banana splits, milkshakes, vegan coatings (strawberries, orange, caramel, hazelnuts… wo!!!) and frozen yogurts. Makes us want to scream YUMMY!
2225 Bennett Ave, Montreal

Thank you again, Caroline, for your generosity!
Follow the inspiring and creative @loounie on Instagram: here.🌿

Par Cloé Lachapelle

* cover picture: Facebook Cafe Dei Campi
** pictures directly taken from the places’ Instagram accounts.

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