I think this Summer is one of the hottest summers I’ve ever lived; I keep looking for places with AC, for pools and for ice cream stands.

So, when I received my weekly pack full of juices in my apartment that doesn’t have air conditioner (😭please send help), I immediately thought of transforming them into popsicles.

The result was so refreshing and delicious that I decided to share this easy peasy recipe with you.

Here it goes!

You need:
– a popsicle mold
– your favorite Dose juices (I chose Melon, Taxi and Zest)
– fruits (I chose blackberries, but you can choose anything)


– fill half of each mold with your juices
– freeze for an hour
– fill the rest of the molds with the rest of the juices
(make sure each popsicle is made with two different juices – it’s so pretty!)
– add fruits on the top
– freeze for about two hours
– enjoy ❤

Simple like that!

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