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Time to find your juicer and treat yourself with something fresh and full of vitamins!

If you’re passionate and patient, you’ll love to create your own juices. However, we made a list of the most common mistakes to avoid when you’ll juice your own nectars.

1. Not washing your fruits and veggies

Yum! germs and pesticides in your juice… We don’t want that. To prevent that, the rule is simple: thoroughly wash the fruits and veggies! Choose fresh, organic, local and seasonal products that you love. This way, you also help an agriculture that is more environmentally friendly. If you don’t use organic, peel the fruits and veggies to significantly reduce the amount of pesticides. The best would be to harvest your own fruits and veggies but that’s less simple… 😉

2. Using only fruits, no veggies 

Fruits are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants but also in sugar. In your juice, you should respect a 60% veggies – 40% fruits rate so it tastes fruity but has a reasonable quantity of sugar. If you choose green veggies, it’s even better! Our favorites: spinach and kale which are rich in chlorophyl, calcium and iron. Add superfoods and voila! Enjoy.

3. Waiting too long before drinking your juice 

Vitamins change with light and heat. You must drink your juice as soon as it’s ready if you want to enjoy all its benefits. If you don’t have much time, you can keep it in an airtight container for 24 to 48 hours, refrigerated. It will remain good, but will lose some of its nutrients.

4. Drinking it too quickly

Drinking slowly helps digestion and therefore facilitate the absorption of the juice’s nutrients. You’ll also feel better! Take the time to really enjoy this healthy made-with-love beverage ❤️

5. Drinking your juice with a meal

It’s better to consume your juice when your stomach is empty so your system really focuses on the absorption of the good nutrients. Best times to drink it: in the morning before breakfast or between two meals when your energy levels are low!

Ready, set, juice!

By Alice Doumengine
Photo : RawPixel on Unsplash

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