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Why You’re Doing Your Celery Juice Cleanse Wrong.

Celery Juice… Is it really magic? 🐰🎩


After Super Kale, meet Super Celery!!!


Celery juice is definitely THE thing right now in the fascinating world of clean and natural eating🌿

And we totally get it! It is known to help reduce stomach inflammation, slow some cancers, lower blood pressure, hydrate skin and much more.


It is suggested to drink it every morning, on an empty stomach, to start your day with strength.


Adding it to your daily routine would upgrade your health, right?


Well it could… but not so fast!🛑


Before you buy every single celery on the market, be aware of these important facts:



What is that?
It’s a list created (and updated every year) by the Environmental Working Group. The list states the 12 fruits and veggies (of all fruits and veggies) that are the most contaminated by pesticides.


In 2018, celery came in 10th position 😳


This means drinking a celery juice – made from conventional celery – on an empty stomach every morning makes you ingest an important quantity of pesticides…


Research has shown that pesticides can create chronic health complications in children, birth defects, asthma and, in some cases even cancer.


So what do you do🤷‍♀️ if you simply want all the celery benefits and not all the toxicity of pesticides?


People who want to eat foods that figure on the list should buy organic, according to the organization.


So, juice your celery ONLY if it’s organic 😉



Drinking celery juice is good but not better than any other green juices.


Actually, according to the dietitian nutritionist Cynthia Sass, consuming the same vegetables over and over makes you miss out all the nutrients of the plants you are not consuming: “Research backs that variety may even trump quantity when it comes to disease protection, but obviously the ultimate goal is to eat enough produce and mix up the types.”


Therefore, drinking a green juice made with different veggies gives you a wider variety of vitamins, minerals, etc.


This is why, despite all the benefits of celery juice, we think that a different type of green juice is better!


The SUPER Celery Juice 🥒🍃


It’s a juice made of celery but also other super greens like: cucumber, spinach, kale and parsley.


Some of you already know this juice: it’s our famous and best-seller YOGI!


It’s kind of a celery juice but even better:
> totally organic, so all risks of consuming toxic pesticides are reduced to the maximum
> made with different types of green veggies to give you a wider variety of nutrients essential to good health


It can step up your lifestyle, health and even your look:
🔋 Increase your energy levels
💆 Softer and stronger hair
🙏 Ease your digestion
👸 A brighter and smoother skin
💪 A boost to your immune system
💃 Overall, your body will be thankful!


We assure you: drink one YOGI every day for at least 2 weeks and you’ll feel its beneficial effects!


You can find all our YOGI packs right here:


But act quick, we just lowered their prices for a limited time.


As it’s the case with celery juice, YOGI’s taste is intense and not made for everyone.

It’s not a « treat yourself » kind of juice, more like a « take care of yourself and boost your health » juice. The taste might surprise you but you will get used to it and after a few days, your body will even ask for more! 😎


Check out our celery juice pack here:


By Cloé Lachapelle



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