I think this Summer is one of the hottest summers I’ve ever lived; I keep looking for places with AC, for pools and for ice cream stands.

So, when I received my weekly pack full of juices in my apartment that doesn’t have air conditioner (😭please send help), I immediately thought of transforming them into popsicles.

The result was so refreshing and delicious that I decided to share this easy peasy recipe with you.

Here it goes!

You need:
– a popsicle mold
– your favorite Dose juices (I chose Melon, Taxi and Zest)
– fruits (I chose blackberries, but you can choose anything)


– fill half of each mold with your juices
– freeze for an hour
– fill the rest of the molds with the rest of the juices
(make sure each popsicle is made with two different juices – it’s so pretty!)
– add fruits on the top
– freeze for about two hours
– enjoy ❤

Simple like that!




Okay, it’s not because Winter is here that we cannot enjoy a fresh Summer cocktail during the Holidays, right? So let’s pretend we’re celebrating Christmas under the sun, feet in the sand, with a fresh ocean breeze in our hair.🌴🌊

Here’s a pimped version of this classic minted drink that you and your children will love! (Of course, you could add some rhum to this recipe… but keep it away from the kids!😉)

– 1.5L of our TAXI juice (5 bottles of 300ml)
– 2.5L of sparkling water
– 250ml of lime juice
– A handful of fresh mint, chopped
– 3 limes, sliced
– 1 cup of pineapple pieces
– 2 cups of ice cubes

In a large punch bowl or pichet, combine everything and stir well. Serve.
Tadaaam! Easy Peasy with TAXI!


Find TAXI > in our mixologist pack
or > in our custom packs

Cove picture: Sanah Suvarna



You love cocktails?

But also like to diversify what you drink during the holidays?

We totally get it.

And that’s why we created this easy cranberry & rosemary sangria.

Simple and so fresh!

Tell us what you think of it.😌

(With or without alcohol, it’s a delight.)

Our juice OXY-3 (5 bottles of 300ml)
1.5L of Sparkling wine (alcoholic or not)
1 L of white cranberry juice
Frozen cranberries
Fresh rosemary

Remove the rosemary needles from the sprig and crush in a mortar to boost flavor.

In a large bowl or pichet, combine everything and serve well. For a more pronounced taste, place it for 30 minutes in the fridge before serving.

Cheers & Merry Christmas!❤

Find OXY-3 in > our custom packs


Vous aimez les cocktails?

Et vous aimez varier ce que vous buvez durant le temps des fêtes?

On comprend totalement.

Voici donc notre nouvelle recette de Sangria à la canneberge et au romarin.

Simple et rafraîchissante!

Dites-nous ce que vos invités et vous en aurez pensé.😌

(Avec ou sans alcool, c’est un pur délice.)

Notre jus OXY-3 (5 bouteilles de 300ml)
1.5L de vin mousseux (alcoolisé ou non)
1 L de jus de canneberge blanche
Canneberges congelées
Romarin frais

Détacher les épines de romarin de la branche et les écraser dans un mortier pour en faire ressortir la saveur.

Dans un large bol ou un pichet, combiner tous les ingrédients et bien mélanger. Pour un goût encore plus prononcé, placer au frigo 30 minutes avant de servir.


Trouvez OXY-3 dans > nos packs personnalisés 



Montreal really knows how to please foodies and, good news, the number of tasty vegan/vegetarian places is continuously increasing! #YEAH

I asked our vegan friend Caroline Huard (@loounie on Instagram), who is also a health practitioner and well-known by the vegan community of Montreal, to list her favorite vegan/vegetarian spots in the city when she wants to drink a coffee, eat well and treat herself!

Without further ado, here there are!


Café dei Campi


This Italian-style coffeeshop is located in Rosemont and is known for its tasty vegan desserts (hello cannolis!!!) and for its pizzettes. Their delicious pastries could easily fool many of your non-vegan friends. The devoted and friendly employees will also make you want to come back for sure! In fact, the majority of Café dei Campi’s crowd is composed of loyal clients for whom the place is a vegan must.  (PS: your non-vegans friends can also ask for cow milk!)
1360 Rosemont Blvd, Montreal

Leaves House


Located downtown Montreal, this cute coffeeshop brings some natural freshness to the grey and urban environment where it is located. This plant-based espresso bar stands out for the many plants, succulents and cacti, that can be purchased on place as other little cruelty-free products. Other important thing: the baristas use macadamia milk (mamamiaaa!!) in their coffees. Nice place for the eyes and for your belly!
2051 De la Montagne Street, Montreal

Esquina Bar à Café


“Esquina”, that means “corner” in Spanish, is aptly named as it is the “corner” coffeeshop for many people living in the neighborhood. Here, everything you’ll eat is homemade: cookies, muffins, poptarts (whaaat?), and even the almond milk! The place’s lattes are also always magnificently done. Lovely place!
4526 Papineau Ave, Montreal

LUNCH TIME (or where to go when you don’t have much time!)

Aux Vivres


Completely vegan, meals at Aux Vivres are flavorful and will please vegans AND non-vegans! The restaurant is on St-Laurent boulevard but you can find its products in many grocery stores. Having a dragon bowl, made with tempeh or grilled tofu, is a true classic but there are plenty of other options: sandwiches, salads, hot meals and desserts. It’s also a great place to go if you are allergic/intolerant to gluten, soy or nuts!
4631 St-Laurent Blvd, Montreal

La Panthère Verte


Many foodies will tell you that La Panthère Verte sells the best falafels of Montreal! These fried chickpeas balls are served in a pita bread to create a generous and yummy sandwich. Another positive aspect: the responsible restaurant tries to reduce its environmental footprint; deliveries are made by bike during Summer, most of the jars are made in glass, there are compost trashes, etc. And, on top of that, everything is organic!
160 Saint Viateur E Street, Montreal (and 5 others)

Gusta (comptoir)


Since last Spring, Gusta has its kiosk in Jean-Talon market where vegans and vegetarians can happily enjoy their exclusive products. Because, you know, even vegans can crave for some junk food sometimes! The restaurant’s food is really simple but knows how to please us: hot-dogs, burgers, poutines, kebabs. Everything is vegan, natural and local. Ya-Hoo!
191 Marché-du-Nord Place, Montreal

TREAT YOUR BELLY AND YOUR EYES! (with friends, family or your lover)



If you’re a vegan or vegetarian or are following bloggers on Instagram, you might have already seen pictures of this leafy Old-Port restaurant. What we love about this place is that, of course it’s beautiful, but the cuisine is original, for all tastes and made from seasonal, organic and local products. You could also go for a 5a7 and sip a refreshing cocktail (they have 6 signature ones). This restaurant proves that vegans can eat so much more than green salads when they want to eat something healthy!
1232 De la Montagne Street, Montreal (and one other!)

Venice MTL


This restaurant isn’t vegan, but there are many options that are clearly identified on the menu. Inspired by the Californian community of Venice, the plates and the sunny decor will make you feel like you’re on a vacation. Full of poke bowls, tacos, salads and smoothies, the menu is varied and colorful. Venice MTL really knows how to mix flavors, freshness and healthy foods.
440 Saint-François-Xavier Street, Montreal (and one other!)

Sushi Momo


Vegan sushis? Yes dears! No seafood nor fish is used in Sushi Momo’s meals. The only animal imitation is a “shrimp” made from soy and seaweed. Of course, the sushis are different from the classic Japanese sushis but you will be gladly surprised by their original compositions and seasoning mixes. Vegans and vegetarians who were missing sushis will finally be satisfied, yeah!
4669 Saint-Denis Street, Montreal

FROZEN SWEETNESS (open all year long!)

Hoche Glacé


Owners of Hoche Café have recently launched Hoche Glacé: a 100% vegan and lactose-free ice cream shop. Perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth! And all the ice cream lovers will be happy: soy or rice milk swirls, sundaes, banana splits, milkshakes, vegan coatings (strawberries, orange, caramel, hazelnuts… wo!!!) and frozen yogurts. Makes us want to scream YUMMY!
2225 Bennett Ave, Montreal

Thank you again, Caroline, for your generosity!
Follow the inspiring and creative @loounie on Instagram: here.🌿

Par Cloé Lachapelle

* cover picture: Facebook Cafe Dei Campi
** pictures directly taken from the places’ Instagram accounts.



6 million bees + 3 billion flowers = 10 000 tons of cranberries
Yep! you read that right: to produce 10 000 tons of organic cranberries each year, the 3 billion flowers in Patience Fruit & Co’s fields need to be pollinated by 6 million bees.

Impressing, right?

Patience Fruit & Co’s producer, Fruit d’Or, was actually the first company to cultivate organic cranberries for a commercial purpose.

However, this business native of Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, located in Centre-du-Québec, has been through a lot since its creation in 2000… At that time, cranberry cultivation was only a retirement project for the Le Moine family and 3 other families of the region!

Today, almost 20 years later, let’s say that these entrepreneurs have a fruitful pension.😉

That’s why, in 2015, seeing all Fruit d’Or’ success, they decided to launch Patience Fruit & Co for the retail sector so all the population can have access to their delicious organic fruits.

Therefore, since two years, everyone is delighted by the company’s products that are now available online and in many retailers.


Why chose “Patience” as their name?
Well, because you need a lot of time and patience to harvest tasty organic cranberries which are cultivated without any pesticide nor fertilizer that chemically speed the process. This even makes more sense when you realize it takes 3 years before a cranberry field produce its first fruits!

Cranberries, they grow in water?
No; it’s a false belief! Cranberries fields are actually flooded when the fruits are ready to be picked so the fruit can detach from its stalk more easily.

At Patience Fruit & Co, they utilize a « closed circuit » watering system, which means that rainwater and snowmelt are collected in tanks to be used to flood the fields when it’s harvest time, from mid-September to the end of October.

So Patience Fruit & Co is both organic and ecological!

But if cultivating organic cranberry requires a lot of time and patience, discovering that we love what Patience Fruit & Co has to offer only take a sip or a bite!

We really hope it will grow continuously, patiently and always deliciously.

*Discover the detailed story of the brand: here.

**Since more than a year now, we’re happy and proud to use this local company’s fruits in our OXY-3 juice (available here!).

***We want to thank Michèle Poulin, Industrial Marketing Director, and Mélanie Pilote, Communication and Social Medias Coordinator, for their generosity.❤️

Pictures: © Patience Fruit & Co



Because I live in Montreal and don’t know all the secret gems of Toronto, I asked Áine Davis (one of the girls behind the blog @vegangirlfriend​) what were her favorite vegan-friendly spots in her hometown. She kindly and generously accepted to share them with me!

If you too aren’t from TO, you will definitely want to plan a little road trip there soon. And if you are from TO, I am a bit jealous because trying these places will be much easier for you!

Without further ado, here are her faves:


Te Aro


This place is the main cafe of the Pilot Coffee Roasters, a local and much appreciated roaster in the city. If you are not a fan of caffeinated beverages, note that they also serve many types of tea blends. The atmosphere is relaxed and perfect for working or studying. During Summer, you can even take it cool on their cozy patio!
983 Queen St E, Toronto

Brockton Haunt


This coffeeshop is owned by a mother and her daughter who give a kind and careful service. Mostly known for their espressos, the two women also cook and bake most of the food you’ll find there. Actually everything except their their tasty empanadas (available in different vegan options, yeah!) that comes from a company called The Empanada Dealer. Filled with plants, the place is bright and beautiful with a chill hipster vibe.
1150 College St, Toronto

Safehouse Coffee


This coffeeshop in Little Portugal only opened a year ago and is already many people’s favorite (it is Áine’s!). Baristas are super cool and competent and also serve vegan breakfasts (muffins, parfaits…). There again, you can have a Pilot coffee while enjoying some sweet treats (vegan and gluten free cookies. #yumyum). We dare you to go there without having the thought of “Instagramming” the place!
1615 Dundas St W, Toronto

QUICK & DELISH (Lunch o’clock!)

Spark Cafe


One of the best spots to go for a healthy and fresh brunch/lunch. Entirely vegetarian and vegan, it will please your tastebuds and your taste for pretty things (as you can see, their aesthetics is lovely and genuine)! Their avocado toast is a classic go-to but their many bowls are also flavorful with all their fresh veggies and many choices of sauces.
739 Ossington Ave, Toronto



This bakery/cafe/restaurant is 100% vegan and has many gluten free options. According to many, they make the BEST bagels in the whole city which are made each day, and sometimes twice a day as they are so popular! It’s also open at night, but we suggest you go during the day as it’s quieter then. Perfect for a chill lunch with a friend or simply with a good book.
873 Bloor St W, Toronto

Bobbie Sue’s


Don’t panic but this place is a Mac and Cheese bar… Yup! You read that right. What’s awesome about it is that they have some of the best vegan options of macs in all TO. Plus, the staff is super friendly and allows you to customize your own dish (but Aine strongly suggests you try the “green trees” one)! Note that you can’t eat there directly so you have to take it take-out.
162 Ossington Ave #3, Toronto

TAKE YOUR TIME & EAT WELL (Dinner time!)

Hogtown Vegan


If you are craving for some Southern comfort food, this is the place! From the mac and cheese to the pulled “pork” or the un-chicken and waffles, you’ll surely find something to please your belly. They also have a wide selection of craft beers or you can try their cocktails if you prefer. This Bloorcourt village restaurant was one of the first vegan restaurants of Toronto and is now a true classic.
1056 Bloor St W, Toronto



This diner is co-owned by Doug McNish, aka Toronto’s best chef (not best vegan chef, just best chef, according to NOW MAGAZINE 2017). He paired with Doomies, another vegan place, to open this charming establishment. Please note that it’s so popular that you have to arrive early (sometimes before its opening at 5pm) but the wait is worth it! Their plates are flavorful and the meat imitations are so well executed, they could fool many non-vegans.
1265 Queen St W, Toronto



Located in Yorkville, this 100% vegan restaurant serves delicious gourmet food. They also offer amaaaazing cocktails made with fresh cold-pressed juices (!!!). Their brunches and desserts are tasty, as are they burgers. Actually, their burgers are so good they opened another place that only sells them (called Planta Burger)! It’s easy to have a good time when you go to Planta, enjoying its exotic ambiance, fresh food and pretty decor.
1221 Bay St, Toronto

King’s Cafe


This vegetarian/vegan Chinese restaurant is underrated! They excel in “faux-meat” and offer dim-sums (so rare for vegans!!!). The menu is huge and composed of many different dishes that are all made with fresh ingredients. The place itself is also super nice and bright with its large windows. It’s Áine’s favorite spot in Toronto!
192 Augusta Ave, Toronto

Saigon Lotus


A hidden gem, near Kensington Market, that serves Vietnamese food at its best! The Pho, as everything else you can eat there actually, is truly yummy. The menu is entirely vegan but is in fact a safe bet for any people who like asian food. Must try: the fresh rolls… again: truly yummy!
6 St Andrew St, Toronto


Bunner’s Bake Shop


Looking for THE place to satisfy your sweet tooth? Bunner’s Bake Shop is for you! There are actually two locations in the city, one in The Junction and one near Kensington Market. In both shops, you’ll find gluten free and vegan treats: cinnamon buns, cupcakes, cookies, pies, brownies… And even vegan & gluten free soft serve – vanilla, chocolate or swirled – during Summer!
244 August Ave, Toronto and 3054 Dundras St W, Toronto

Thank you again, Áine, for your time and generosity!

Follow @vegangirlfriend on Instagram: here!
And Áine: here!💚

By Cloé Lachapelle

* cover photo: Facebook Hogtown Vegan
** pictures directly taken from all the places’ Instragam accounts.

Health Tips


Spoiling our loved ones?

Or taking care of them?

This Christmas, we’ll do both!

At the same time.😌

Here’s our list of healthy Christmas gifts ideas to please your family and friends!

1. BKIND, DUO FACE CARE ($65.00)
BKIND’s skincare and hair products are vegan, natural and not tested on animals! Knowing that what you apply on your skin or in your hair is not toxic for yourself nor for the environment and that it is made in an ethical way allows you to take care of yourself with peace of mind.

This Duo Face Care is one of the interesting gifts you can find on the company’s website and that’ll become a must in anybody’s beauty routine.

Gift idea > Soft and moisturized skin: here!


This Toronto yoga studio is offering a special deal right now: one month of unlimited drop-in classes at a really small price! It’s a great present to give to anyone who’s looking for a more balanced lifestyle as yoga helps improve flexibility and reduce stress: two major factors in living a healthy life.

Of course, this studio is an example: there are plenty of others in Ontario and in Quebec.😉

Gift idea > Relaxation, meditation and Namaste: here!


For more than 15 years, this company’s co-owners have been travelling the world to find the best teas and develop their knowledge about tea so they can bring their discoveries back on our market!

Matcha is known for its plural benefits such as: its role in detoxifying the body, its help in improving concentration and memory and its relaxing capacity. Here’s why this set will please all the people who were looking for a way to reduce stress once the holidays are over!

Gift idea > Less stress, more concentration: here!


This Montreal-based company produces artisanal honeys in urban environments; in the cities of Montreal, Quebec and Toronto. Its mission is to preserve bees and encourage local production. Alvéoleis also socially involved; it offers workplace and scholar trainings and promotes social rehabilitation.

This Tasting Box contains 4 different honeys that come from different neighborhoods of a same city. You have the choice between three boxes: Montreal, Quebec or Toronto, so the person to whom you give it can discover all the hues of these local honeys.

Gift idea > The survival of bees a in sweet way: here!


Renowned chef Lynn Crawford is the master behind this cookbook in which you’ll find more than 140 recipes made with carefully chosen farm-fresh products.

For all the people who want to eat better and more locally, this book is perfect. They’ll learn what aliments to choose depending the season and how to cook them to create both healthy and yummy recipes!

Gift idea > Delicious local food throughout the year: here!


To combat the common problem of smelly armpits, two Alberta-based sisters have created this company! And it’s all natural! While regular deodorants are full of chemical ingredients, what Routine Cream proposes is entirely not toxic. Yeah!

This This or That Pack allows you to discover all the company’s deodorants so you can choose what’s best for you after.

Gift idea > Smelling good without chemicals: here!


Because taking care of the environment is also a way of taking care of the ones you love (and of yourself)! Less waste creates a greener place to live and reduces our polluted print… and that can only be healthy!

Dans le sac (meaning “In the bag”) is a young business which mission is to substitue traditional plastic bags and other items people usually put to trash with reusable and textiles goods. This “Zero Waste Package” is the beginner kit and contains: one bread bag, one small bulk bag and two large bulk bags.

Gift idea > Less waste in a cute way: here!


Now, Santa Claus, I hope you’ve taken notes to give something nice and healthy this year… Ho Ho Ho!🎅🏼

Cover picutre: Kari Shea on Unsplash

Health Tips


Feeling tired even though you’ve slept a full 7 hours night? That makes you less productive and less motivated at work? Not good, eh? Plus, being less motivated and more tired make you lose concentration… Well, that makes things even worse!

But still, you keep drinking coffee everyday because you think it’s the only option for these crashes but you know it’s bad for your health when you abuse it and makes your teeth turn yellow. Ew! Well, we have good news for you: fruits & vegetables juices will help you resolve this annoying situation. It’s true! Many people start their day by drinking fresh cold-pressed juices instead of the banal and addictive cafeine beverages. And we have other good news for you: we’re offering you a 2 Weeks Challenge Pack at a special price just so you can enjoy the juices benefits for 14 days and see how good organic and fresh juices make you feel by simply having a fresh DOSE every morning to start your day!

What’s the secret of this magic 2 Weeks Juices Pack?


Easy :

  • Each juice contains 2 to 3 portions of fruits & veggies.
  • Each juice is a little bottle of 300ml easy to add in your lunchbox and that doesn’t take much place in the fridge!
  • The pack contains 14 juices;
  • The pack is 78$ instead of 98$.
  • So it’s up to 42 fruits and veggies (many nutrients, vitamins and enzymes) in 14 tiny bottles. It’s a lot of things that boost your immune system, contribute to your heart’s health and energize your body and your brain.
  • It then makes you spend less time in bed and more time on what really counts: family, work… life actually!

So, if you want to stop the fatigue, the procrastinating and start working more effectively, try DOSE’s 2 Weeks Challenge !

Please note that the pack is available for a limited time only, as well as its gentle price of 78$. So don’t procrastinate for this either and shop here.😉



Because we can make other things than smoothies when we cook with juices… We asked Eve-Lyne, from La Fraiche blog, to create some exclusive healthy, easy and tasty recipes with our juices.

So here’s the first recipe elaborated for this collaboration: Muffins Matcha 2.0, pistachios and raspberries. An ideal recipe for quick breakfasts, snacks for work or for a road trip!

Prep time: 25 minutes

Portions: 12

1 cup of our MATCHA 2.0 juice
¼ cup of melted coco oil
1 egg, beaten
2 cups of flour
½ cup of maple syrup
2 teaspoons of baking soda
¾ teaspoons of salt flower
¾ cup of pistachios, coarsely chopped
2 cups of raspberries


1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.
2. Place muffins paper parchment into a 12 cup muffin pan.
3. Add liquid ingredients into a large bowl. Mix together.
4. Add dry ingredients in another large bowl. Mix together.
5. Add the dry mixture to the liquid mixture. Stir.
6. Add ½ cup of the chopped pistachios and 1 ½ cups of raspberries to the mixture. Mix together and reserve remaining pistachios and raspberries.
7. Fill muffins cups. Garnish with the remaining pistachios.
8. Bake at 400°F for about 15 minutes (after 10-12 minutes, use a toothpick to see if the muffins are ready: put it into one muffin’s center. If it’s dry when you put it out, muffins are ready!).
9. Serve with the remaining fresh raspberries.

* Your muffins will keep for 2 days in a sealed container at room temperature. Otherwise, you can keep them up to 2 to 3 months in the freezer.

Find our MATCHA 2.0 juice here.



Because we can make other things than smoothies when we cook with juices… We asked Eve-Lyne, from La Fraiche blog, to create some exclusive healthy, easy and tasty recipes with our juices.

Here’s the second recipe of this collaboration: a strawberry-chia-Zest breakfast loaf!

Prep time: 1 hour

Portions: 10

1 teaspoon of olive oil
½ cup of melted oil
½ cup of maple syrup
½ cup of almond milk
½ cup of ZEST
1 ½ cups of flour
2 teaspoons of baking soda
1 tablespoon chia seeds
¼ cup of hemp seeds
1 cup of oat flakes
½ cup of fresh strawberries, chopped


1. Preheat the oven to 350°F.
2. In a loaf pan, place a parchment paper that you have previously oiled.
3. In a large bowl, add the melt coconut oil, the maple syrup, the almond milk and the ZEST.
4. In a smaller bowl, mix the flour and the baking soda. Add dry ingredients into wet ingredients and whisk.
5. Mix until texture gets uniformly smooth.
6. Add chia seeds, hemp seeds, oat flakes and strawberries. Mix well. (Keep a few hemp seeds, chia seeds and oat flakes to sprinkle on the loaf before putting it into the oven).
7. Add the mixture into loaf pan. Sprinkle oat flakes, chia seeds and hemp seeds. Place in oven.
8. Cook for 45 minutes, let stand and enjoy!

* For those with the sweet tooth: it’s delicious with a hazelnut spread (Nutella style) or a dark chocolate coulis.

Find our Zest juices here 🙂