The things you should consider when looking for a plant-based milk alternative

For a few years now, demand for alternatives to dairy milk has been increasing.  Whether it’s for health purposes or environmental concerns, more and more people – vegans, vegetarians or simply flexitarians – are replacing cow’s milk with: soy milk, nut milk, coconut milk, oat milk, legume milk, etc.  But how do you choose a […]


Winter is finally ending, meaning the time everyone is waiting for; maple sugar time; begins! This gourmet and festive tradition is sometimes associated with excess. At DOSE, we offer you a more reasonable way to celebrate the arrival of Spring without forgetting to treat yourself: discovering our delicious juices Kick and Basil! We chose to […]


Spoiling our loved ones? Or taking care of them? This Christmas, we’ll do both! At the same time.😌 Here’s our list of healthy Christmas gifts ideas to please your family and friends! 1. BKIND, DUO FACE CARE ($65.00) BKIND’s skincare and hair products are vegan, natural and not tested on animals! Knowing that what you apply […]

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